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Listed below are the procedures normally followed for the development of services.

Any service will be booked through the call center TNE. As regards the method of booking the customer will be entitled to choose the most appropriate:
phone +39 0 39 65711
fax +39 0 39 6571215
to avoid any inconvenience or misunderstanding is preferable to send, especially if it concerns a telephone booking (for service that will not happen in the hours immediately following the booking), an e-mail. You will receive in response an e-mail from TNE confirming your reservation. If no such response, the service is intended "not booked". Any changes must be communicated promptly and preferably in writing.

See how to make reservations.

In the case of notices (delays, changes, cancellations, various issues) always refer to +39 0 39 65711. Furthermore, when a reservation is advisable to leave a telephone number for the costumer (either fixed or mobile number) where he can be contacted for any communications.

Performance of the service
Normally the required services are performed with model cars sedan or station wagon. It will be the discretion of the costumer request a different medium in order to meet actual needs. Such means may be:
top class cars
it will be entitled to TNE, in the event of unavailability of a particular vehicle, sending one or more different cars in order to provide the service. Any price changes will be promptly communicated and agreed.
Also note that the services will be conducted in accordance with local regulations regarding the Highway Code, any request by the customer in contravention of this code will be considered unenforceable.

Cost of service
The rate is predetermined. To avoid disappointment, please request the service fee required at time of booking. Otherwise it will be deemed acceptance of the rate.
From 21.00 to 07.00 hours, Saturday and Sunday and public holidays, prices are subject to a surcharge over the normal rate. That increase will be communicated by the switchboard TNE.
Faculty of TNE will update annually the rates, as well as exceptional upgrades (even temporary) as a result of extraordinary increases in the cost of: fuel, highways or other tax.

Alternative routes
During the course of the service, the driver will be entitled to choose the best route to teach the required destination. These alternative routes, previously approved, will not cause any change in price.

Variations on the service booked
Any changes regarding the service booked (or modification of the path, changes, delays etc.) will lead to a change in the agreed rate, unless the possibility for the TNE to meet this demand.

In case of sampling delays will be coverede up to 15 minutes. This tolerance is mutual. Or in case of delay of the customer, no additional charges will be counted up to 15 minutes. Beyond that expected of the charges with pricing will be counted every 30 minutes.
Conversely, a delay up to 15 minutes time for reservation (though not justified), will not involve any charge to TNE.
In case of prolonged expectation, may be of TNE bring the vehicle back and send in back as a result of additional demand, subject to charge the car and any pending aoutput.

Exceptional events
In case of exceptional conditions (roads blocked because of adverse weather conditions, accidents, work, demonstrations, strikes or otherwise) the TNE can not be held responsible for any delay or failure of the service.
Deviations from standard routes due to causes not dependent on ours will (road blocked because of adverse weather conditions, accidents, road works, demonstrations, strikes or request of the passenger/customer) should, at the discretion of the TNE, a change in the tariff

Withdrawals c/o airports and stations
In the case of withdrawals ar airports and stations, after a wait of 60 minutes of flight/train, unless otherwise expressly communication from the customer will be entitled to return of TNE car and driver, except to charge the costs to customer.
In case of delays or cancellations of flights or trains, will make sure the customer promptly notify the TNE such situations. We remind in fact that no vehicles are parked at airports or stations, but go there at the request of the customer starting from the site of TNE. Consider distance and time required to reach these goals, not always control schedules via the internet is possible. Either because such schedules are not updated in real time, because you want to get to railway stations or airports often have to leave the car before in left the client, when running the variations of a lat minute flight or a train is when the car has olready left the barn.

In case of cancellation of any reservations or services, please notify in a real timely manner. Normally in case of cancellation af a shuttle service within 2 (two) hours of the booking will not be charged any cost.*
Unlike any other penalties will be agreed with the TNE.
In the case of booking of vehicles for provisions of several days, cancellations will be charged all or part of the requested service.
This rule is void in case of purchase of special vehicles such as top-class cars, minivans, minibuses and buses. The amount of any charges for these vehicles will be required prior to TNE.
*in any case, if the car had already left, will be charged the full cost of the service. In this connection, we note that to reach the various points of origin (corporate offices, airports etc.) must be taken into account, in addition to distances, even times (peak or regular traffic), any day of heavy traffic (due to fairs, events, etc.), situations of the roads. For this, please inform at our office on the various timescales for actions.

For services performed by TNE, have the following payment methods:
- Throw directed by:
> Cash
> Credit card*
> ATM*
* When paying by credit card or debit card, please note that our gift with POS electronic means, any malfunction of the service may not be related to TNE, will be the same right to request an alternative method of payment.
- Billing at the end of the month (unless prior arrangements with TNE)

On board vehicles of Taxi Nord Est is strictly forbidden to:
- smoking
- consume food or beverages
- damage to the vehicle
- keep misbehavior

Waivers and exceptions
Anything not specifically mentioned here, will be agreed in advance with TNE.

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